r9ayb z58k9 74k6y es347 d7kk7 z557y 4ky58 zn3y4 3rsah be448 265ae 3z9ts yh6da 44rsi ee4ze a2k4n hrhbr r4arh t9tkb tb69y ed373 Join the Destinymarie Discord Server! |

Join the Destinymarie Discord Server!

2021.12.07 22:49 Yourfavexbf03 Join the Destinymarie Discord Server!

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2021.12.07 22:49 MysterZapster Just buied a breaka boss on mirebrute and stormstrike chariot and wonder wich would win a dual lore wisely

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2021.12.07 22:49 1800lampshade Possibly going to the DR next year for a wedding, can I tour some of the cigar makers there?

We are potentially going to the DR for a wedding next year, and I've never been. Would love to check out some cigar manufacturers while i'm there. Any recommendations of how/what to visit?
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2021.12.07 22:49 anonymous-shad0w Convalescent Plasma Not Recommended in COVID-19

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2021.12.07 22:49 uwusenpai0w0 Infinites campaign on pc

I play on pc and have the steam version the campaign is a dlc by what steam says how can I pre download it or is it already downloaded from the multiplayer
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2021.12.07 22:49 allan2069 Interesting day at the FC

Night shift got here at 6. Since then played cornhole and Elf. It's my MET day and my FC is offering all over time as double. I'd say successful day. Probably will be up before I'm out and get VTO'd. Just enjoying it while it last.
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2021.12.07 22:49 Getting_Help What’s going on with auto-rate lately?

The past 5 or so “no rating” sales I’ve had didn’t auto-rate and I had to submit a request. Never had that before. But it was quickly resolved.
My most recent one I got some dumb response and the ticket was closed without my money. So I contacted again and they just tell me to wait…
It’s already been 3 days, release my funds!
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2021.12.07 22:49 a_duck_in_past_life Just tried mushy peas for the first time. Also just tried marmite on buttered toast for the first time. They are both very delicious.

Also this might offend the British, but I put some peach and roasted garlic Trinidad scorpion hot sauce on some bites of my mushy peas and that was delicious too 🙃
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2021.12.07 22:49 xDARKxKKHANx223 Got that good Sassanian, Persian looking armor now lol.

Got that good Sassanian, Persian looking armor now lol. submitted by xDARKxKKHANx223 to skyrim [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 22:49 supersab121 Buying Switch Lite and Minecraft for my kid

Planning on getting the Lite for my son. Here is where I’m not sure what to do. Should I get him the physical game or digital?
All my games are physical and I love them. But I’m curious if digital is better in this case. If I get digital would it be possible for us to play online together? Each of us in our own switch/profiles playing in the same “world”?
This is new to me. Trying to share games and also never played Minecraft.
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2021.12.07 22:49 12kmusic Nice

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2021.12.07 22:49 Loganiscoo Hey wait a minute

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2021.12.07 22:49 Gumiie Please help me decide between PJWS and SOH, both have similar stats so I am not sure which passive is better for him

Please help me decide between PJWS and SOH, both have similar stats so I am not sure which passive is better for him submitted by Gumiie to XiaoMains [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 22:49 WBrnski (BUG) Fall Guys displaying Steam name in game.

I normally play on PC, but because of the outage I played a few games today on my PS5. When returning to PC, my game is no longer displaying my Epic account name, but my Steam name. Has anyone else experience this glitch? I'd really prefer to have my Epic name displayed. Heavily searching the discord, I found 2 other players with this issue, but no real solutions.
Awaiting support to get back to me. Posting in case anyone else had this problem. Discord thinks I should enjoy my Steam name or just change it, but I'm worried that my account is linked wrong now.
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2021.12.07 22:49 AarmauShipper564 spotify misunderstood the assignment completely and got a F-💀

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2021.12.07 22:49 Barney30512020 Score? What do you think 🤔

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2021.12.07 22:49 Tiri_ Do pets know the effort needed for their food?

Since their world is about humans giving them food and everything they need their perception of the world is different. So do they know the effort or do they just think food comes from the sky?
I had a cat that left me for the neighbors bc they fed him with rice and chicken. This doesn't have anything to do with the question but I feel my own cat dumped me.
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2021.12.07 22:49 dank-fish69420 Pls help it’s formatted weirdly and I can’t get to the settings

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2021.12.07 22:49 Technical-Apricot Have yall used triamcinolone?

I just got prescribed this for my atopic eczema
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2021.12.07 22:49 NewsElfForEnterprise Omicron may be spreading fast, but there are signs it's not actually worse than Delta

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2021.12.07 22:49 angry-buddhist [WTS] EOTech EXPS3-0 - Black (CA)

Super light usage on this EXPS3-0 with an 8/19/19 inspection date. Clean glass and comes with box, paperwork and sticker.
$545 $525 shipped net to me.
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2021.12.07 22:49 venussnurff I love having Gen Z patients.

My covid patient is unfortunately young, requiring a lot of oxygen. She doesn’t say much most of the time, but smiles and politely says thank you.
She has to pee so I help her with the bedpan… She catches her breath after how much effort it takes just to turn in bed and says… “well this is the wildest thing I’ve ever been through” I say yeahhhh…. Lol I feel like they always find a sense of humor in the struggle
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2021.12.07 22:49 UnironicallyMe37 Posted my opinion on another subreddit and got a ton of downvotes/karma

Anyway to regain a balanced karma?
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2021.12.07 22:49 dunotsus yo y los papus en claro

yo y los papus en claro
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2021.12.07 22:49 Syphax1K Ronaldo Fenomeno (R9) Is The Greatest Player Of All Time

I really think the Brazilian Ronaldo is the greatest player of all time, a lot will disagree but I think if the injuries never happened, there won't be any doubt about him being the greatest of all time, I still think he is, always will be. Ronaldo was the most complete player ever, nowadays players score 40+ tap in goals and they are ballon d'or contenders.
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