Portland Trailblazers Power Rankings 🏕

2021.12.07 21:02 YoungDonTomtom Portland Trailblazers Power Rankings 🏕

The Portland Trailblazers have been pretty much as expected this year. A combination of new coaching and now front office scrutiny with almost no change in roster this offseason has resulted in uncertainty on the bench and panic in the PNW.
Traditionally the Blazers step it up post All-Star break as they try to sneak into the playoffs so fantasy owners can hope for that but don’t be surprised to see them make drastic changes in the coming weeks.
Top Fantasy Options

1. Damian Lillard 2. CJ McCollum 3. Jusuf Nurkic 4. Norman Powell 5. Anfernee Simon 
POINTS •Damian Lillard [21.4 PPG] •CJ McCollum [20.6 PPG] •Norm Powell [17 PPG]
REBOUNDS •Jusuf Nurkic [10.2 RPG] •Nasir Little [5.3 RPG] •Larry Nance Jr. [4.9 RPG]
ASSISTS •Damian Lillard [7.8 APG] •CJ McCollum [4.5 APG] •Dennis Smith Jr. [3.2 APG]
STEALS •Dennis Smith Jr.[1.4 SPG] •Jusuf Nurkic [1.4 SPG] •CJ McCollum [1.3 SPG]
BLOCKS •Robert Covington [1 BPG] •CJ McCollum [0.7 BPG] •Nassir Little [0.6 BPG]
Notable Players 🏀 Damian Lillard (*Abdominal injury 1-2 weeks)
The star player of the team having a career slump to start the season amongst media pressure to blow it all up doesn’t seem to help the Portland Trailblazers situation.
He was entering the season with a nagging abdominal injury that he is currently recovering from. Fantasy owners were hoping that this was the main cause for his slow start and now that it’s finally getting addressed he could possibly show his first round fantasy value when he returns.
Dame hasn’t played with an all-star caliber player since Lamarcus Aldridge in 2015. Let that sink in. If the Trailblazers front office decides to make trades he has the potential to benefit from another offensive focus or lose fantasy value should his usage goes down.
He is bullishly committed to staying in Portland despite media pressure. I’m not even a Blazers fan and I always feel bad for this man in the playoffs. If only you could get fantasy points for loyalty.
21.5ppg // 4rpg // 7.8apg // 1.1stks //
🏀 CJ McCollum
He’s been picking up the offensive slack this year and has been the most reliable player on this roster this season. His availability will always be a question but so far he’s been stellar fantasy-wise.
He seems to be the name that always comes up in trade talks so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him get shipped off while he’s been playing above his expectations.
Fantasy owners need to keep an eye on him throughout the season. If he gets traded it would be reasonable to see him take a hit in fantasy value as he gets acclimated to his new team. On this Blazers roster he’s currently a sell-high as the number one option with Dame out.
20.6ppg // 4.1rpg // 4.5apg // 1.8stks //
🏀 Jusuf Nurkic
He hasn’t been as quick on the offensive since returning from injury and his defense on some nights looks borderline passive especially against physical big men.
He has a high upside fantasy wise and he’s shown glimpses of his potential this season. He’s the best post up player on this team and IMO he shouldn’t be. Should the Blazers trade for a complimentary big men I could see Nurkic thriving as a stretch facilitator.
13.4ppg // 10.2rpg // 2.2apg // 1.7stks //
Honorable Mention 🏀 Norman Powell
Coming from Toronto and transitioning last season owners saw a glimpse into how he could work within the system. Powell has had more time on the floor in Portland but less opportunity to produce. He’s borderline roster-able but apart from the occasional high scoring game he provides not much else stats wise.
His role as the third option leaves him sitting on the 3pt line and waiting for the open shot. He’s traditionally played at the guard position so his dribble penetration is limited and with Chauncey Billups still figuring out the offense he’s been pretty quiet to start the season.
12ppg // 2.6rpg // 2.2apg // 0.7stks //
🏀 Anfernee Simons
He’s been a great offensive spark off the bench and has shown to step it up when called upon to be a starter. He’s competing with Norm Powell in minutes and has shown to be the better option offensively so far.
Once Norman gets more use to his role and develops further with the starting unit Simons usage could go down but as of now he’s shown to be the more consistent option between the two when he gets the minutes.
12ppg // 2.6rpg // 2.2apg // 0.7stks //
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Tried the love to dream swaddle tonight. He's shoving his arms through the neck hole and pulling the snoo sack over his face.
Any other suggestions?
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Any solutions is welcomed.
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the moon
in the middle of the night
it's bright white glow
simmering in the place on the sun shine
it's my only firend that stayed when the others left
it was there in my darkness moments when i wept
not talking
but listening to me when no one else did
I wish people would do that
but only the moon could
1 2
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Video Link: https://youtu.be/b2NYDGI8o3Q
Thank you!
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