[Need advice] addicted to dating apps

2021.12.07 21:50 aviator122 [Need advice] addicted to dating apps

After going through a break up earlier this year I hopped on a few dating apps like tinder and hinge to be able to diatract my mind with other women. While it has helped me go on a few dates I've never been fully invested into finding a new relationship since I kept telling myself I can keep finding more attractive girls if i keep optimizing my profile. I tell myself also as a 24 M focusing on paying off some student loan and cc debt to not Invest into a relationship for the moment and just meet people and have fun
Over the summer and fall I've spent a probably 100-300 dollars on boosts, premium upgrades, and recurring subscriptions across multiple apps. I've becoming addicted to swiping sometimes spending multiple days off numbingly watching pick up content on YouTube and trying to add women to my snapchat or Instagram that i have no intentions on following through.
The dopamine hit of tinder notifications feels better than porn and it's instant gratification. My success rate isn't that impressive but I feel like because of that when I do get matches and messages it becomes more addicting
Has anyone gone through anything similar or find better alternatives to dating in 2021-22??
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2021.12.07 21:50 hamcroissant Rented an AirBnB and these symbols are all over the house. Does anyone know what these mean?

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2021.12.07 21:50 monnurse7 Flo is Making Peach Pie

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2021.12.07 21:50 donniesdarkos For the first time in months I have no pills I’m able to take to calm down.

I’m a severe codeine / morphine addict, I take up to 10 pills a day on average depending on how bad the day is (I take them when I am anxious or stressed mainly). When I have neither of them I usually take Cyclizine which gives a very different high (hallucinations included) but very similar euphoria. The cyclizine is prescription so usually I always have at least one option available.
Today I ran out of cyclizine and the pharmacy refused to sell me codeine because they’ve clicked that I’m abusing them. I have a migraine, I am fucking itching to get high and I don’t know what the fuck I’m supposed to do. I’m tempted to take a couple of any other pills I have to see if they will magically give me some kind of buzz.
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2021.12.07 21:50 Ashia2004 Any clubs recruiting?

Im a 11k rank point, 1.7k power player that plays every week if not more. Just wanting to chill with some other players.
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2021.12.07 21:50 ShruchWroiags Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ Just Listed on cmc 🚀 Don't Miss Out 💰 Bitcoin Rewards daily

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2021.12.07 21:50 Illustrious_Cap_4802 Australia to join US in boycott of games

Well that's 2, who else you think will join?
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2021.12.07 21:50 alphadog95 What biggie could’ve looked like if he was a upcoming rapper in todays game

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2021.12.07 21:50 IchBinWeissesFleisch Questions about large fermenters (bbl scale) for mead.

I was wondering if any of you do large scale production using fermenters good for 15+ gallons. I see some mead makers using conical stainless fermenters in pictures and YT videos, but there isn't really any information as to what kind they are... or if they were even commercial purchases. At the meaderies I visited in upstate NY, I spied a couple large plastic ones (unsure of size, maybe 10-12 gallons).
My brother and I have spent the past year researching what it would take to start our own meadery, giving ourselves a 5 year timeline to refine the craft, research and set up the business, and capitalize. So far we have successfully completed over 80 gallons of various meads (and a couple fruit/kilju wines), with nearly 20 more in various stages of fermentation and we are still learning throw-your-arms-up, forehead-smacking stuff seemingly with every batch.
Many of the large (½-1 bbl) fermenters I am finding seem to have a great deal of gadgetry for either beer specific needs or wine (namely grape) specific needs. I'm trying to discern which of these 'features' would actually be necessary or even recommended for someone primarily fermenting honey and little else. Anyone with experience with this kind of equipment I would greatly appreciate it if we could start a dialogue.
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2021.12.07 21:50 Shot-Yogurtcloset642 MSI 3060 TI Ventus 2x LHR card stuck at 25mhs or under

Hey guys so i have a few gpu's i mine with... but this one is kicking my ass. So for some odd reason this brand of the 3060 TI will just not mine. I have tried NB miner, Trex miner nothing works. I have tried overclocking and leaving it as defualt no success. After it hits 25-27 mhs it just locks up and drops back to 0 almost instantly. No idea how to fix this i tried a gpu driver that was older and no fix. Dont no what to do now any ideas?
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2021.12.07 21:50 Andriuu19 [PSN] [H] My last few items [W] Credits

Imperator DT5:
Orange (Striker)- 100c SB - 150c Lime - 150c Saffron - 100c BS - 80c Pink - 100c Purple - 100c FG - 100c Grey - 100c
TW Sniper Dominus 1100c Black Dominus 500c
Tw Sniper Fennec 1300c
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2021.12.07 21:50 by_hajime627 BEST BLACK CLOVER - kickᴴᴰ [AMV] (Newest 2021)

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2021.12.07 21:50 ToniBee63 Any skin condition people in the house?

I had pretty severe eczema as a child but then it went away I’m my teen years. Now here I am at 58 & my scalp and behind my ears is scaly, itchy & crusty. I haven’t gone to a dermatologist but I’m self diagnosing it as seborrheic dermatitis. It seems like it “might” be another fun side effect of fibromyalgia. Anyone else experience this & any helpful hints to make it settle the F down??
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2021.12.07 21:50 henry01010 Only 86 more days until we get to see eachother again🥰,being 14 hours away can really suck but sometimes its irrelevant:)

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2021.12.07 21:50 Civobot Northern Ireland reports its first cases of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in two people from same household in the greater Belfast area and a third on is in the South Eastern Trust area.

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2021.12.07 21:50 SirHiquil soberly to shoot straight

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2021.12.07 21:50 Turbly [Statistics Final] College Statistics today at 5:30 pst $50

The test is limited to 121 Minutes. F-Ratio, ANOVA, and other statistis subjects. Thanks.
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2021.12.07 21:50 Manimhappy Stop the License Plates!!!!!

So I’m completely sick of this stuff you constantly make me angry and sad and you've almost caused stuff a lot more severe than just anger and sadness that no one except my family and fore of my closest friend get to know about. Now knowing you your going to say something like proof or just straight up deny all the shit you do, but if you truly do not realise what you do let me spell it out. The license plates aren't funny you make these so called jokes at other people's expense and you don't stop when they ask you to, you keep on going until they are so angry that just straight up leave. The way you insult people with license plates and call it a joke is something worthy of a 2 year old. I know you are going to say well maybe they can't take a joke, but do you really think its a joke when the person you are joke about is feeling like going away and crying in a corner or worse. So you're probably thinking of saying well they should tell me to stop, but what you don't seem to be able to get through your thick head is that people have told you to stop and you didn't listen, so they no longer tell you to stop or they are too scared to tell you to stop because you will just make fun of them even more. Instead you pichon thos how are weaker than you to inflate your ego. It's like me an at the time a 7 year veteran of world of tanks taking you when I introduced you to that game and going to a private training room and whooping your ass, but I didn't I attempted to pass on my knowledge collected from over 4500 howes of play time and pass that on to you by playing alongside you not just ruining your experience by crushing you and then calling you trach. So in conclusion I think you should rethink posting all this license plate stuff and the actions you make and the way you treat people. So please don't talk to me unless you have change completely as a person and are the kind of person people want to be around or just leave me be.
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2021.12.07 21:50 Melodic_Ad_4962 Focus on social skills, looks don’t matter as much as they think you do!!!

I started university a couple of months ago being a virgin and never being in a relationship before. Coming to university my expectations were very high, I thought it would be a “walk in the park” to find a relationship quickly and I can’t lie that was one of my main goals/aims alongside studying. Prior to coming to university I have been going to the gym consistently for the past year and a half, I look after myself well and I don’t want to sound egotistical but I would give myself a solid 7/10 in terms of physical attraction ( I have also been told this by a few people) they admire my motivation. In terms of social attraction/ personality it is extremely bad when it comes to women. For most of my secondary and college life I have never had friends that were girls and rarely would I even speak to them and on the occasions when I did it was either awkward or I didn’t know how to extend a conversion to another topic or keep it going. All of my main friends were boys for my entire life.
The first few nights of university were ok, I spent most of the nights with my flatMates (who are half boys half girls) who are all really nice. The first bit of acknowledgment I received from the girls in my flat came within the first few days, they all kept on mentioning how good looking I am and that I’m so muscular. All this made me feel great which boosted my ego and motivation. ( Just to mention, the main girl who was saying the most positive things about me, I had a thing for her, so my goal was to try and pursue something with here) one evening we played a sexual never have I ever and when I revelled that I had never even kissed a girl they were all so shocked and surprised. (To which I assumed that they would be more attracted to this). Throughout the first 2 weeks many of the girls were very flirty to me, however almost immediately that faded away.
In terms of the other boys in my flat one is gay and the other two are loud, “fun” and easy to get along with. In terms of looks they aren’t Greek Gods and I would say I am better looking than both of them. Two weeks later I noticed the girls would spend much more time with those two boys rather than me which at first I didn’t really mind however it got to me quickly that they really enjoyed the company of those two guys much more than being with me which really got to me mentally. Stupidly this made me fell depressed and lonely which almost caused me to drop out of university all because of a stupid relationship problem.
Eventually I realised my mistakes that I made, my ego was boosted so high due to these compliments that I thought I didn’t have to do anything to get the girls I thought that they would just make the move on to me. And what really made me upset is when one of the girls (the one I fancied) jokingly said, “yeah you’ve got the looks but your personality is dead.” As of speaking the other guys have much better relationships with the girls than I do however I’m trying to build up my confidence again but it’s going at a very slow pace. This has been my first proper experience with trying to get close to girls and it has been a massive wake up call and from my personal experience I would say to you, FOCUS MAINLY ON PERSONALITY.
As of speaking that girl who I like and she obviously like me back for my looks has a boyfriend and they seem like they were made for each other. She said this to me when I asked here what’s your type, “ I don’t really have a type I mean have you seen (boyfriends name) he’s not that good looking but I love his personality.” I can’t lie this was a shock to me.
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2021.12.07 21:50 Badbird2000 Dwight...Advent Calendar..

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2021.12.07 21:50 RandyTheRealAmerican Found a dependa in the wild

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2021.12.07 21:50 Deksametazon Petiton to change the icon of the sub to Gary Fink

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2021.12.07 21:50 canadian-weed Six Ways to Mint NFTs on Klaytn

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2021.12.07 21:50 Smurlef Have i Found My People?

for me, sex is great in theory but not in practice. i like fantasizing about sex, but never someone doing a sex on me. i still get horny, but not really directed toward anyone.
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2021.12.07 21:50 WalkersAreComing Unable to add Dupes for SBR LR’s

Hey all! So I recently got three dupes for a couple of the SBR LR’s and I can’t open their potential paths. Tried translating and it said I don’t have the character but the nodes are glowing. I’ve been playing since the first year and I’ve never seen this, just trying to figure out if I’m being dumb or what the deal is lol. Thanks!
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