Who does it come back on if a company vehicle is being operated without a COF

2022.01.22 09:03 DribbleMeTimbers Who does it come back on if a company vehicle is being operated without a COF

I'm a delivery driver and the vehicle I'm using may or may not currently have an expired COF.
If I were to, hypothetically, be pulled over with an expired COF, will it come back on my of the company?
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2022.01.22 09:03 cns000 The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR

i have 2 laptops:- 1) hp pavilion 13 an-0007ne which has windows 10 build 1809 2) alienware 17 r5 which has windows 10 build 2004
i am using a 10 year old wd my passport external hard disk to transfer files between my 2 laptops
i just noticed that there is event id 11 error in the event viewer of the hp laptop which says:-The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR
sometimes it's DR1 and sometimes it's DR7. there are around 50 errors in the year 2021. the external hard disk is healthy and there are no bad sectors and the hp laptop always detected the external hard disk and it showed on windows explorer. also windows never froze when i got the error
there is no event id 11 error when i am using the external hard disk on the alienware laptop
i did some search on the error. i found this:- 1) in https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/the-driver-detected-a-controller-error-on/3502622d-6f09-471f-98d7-2f513a276005 wwejason said that it's a problem with western digital external hard disks and the enclosure is causing problems 2) in https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/error-the-driver-detected-a-controller-error-on/faaba0d6-353c-4717-9060-6f64c6135914 also western digital external hard disks were being used and centralscrutinizer said that the errors happened when the external hard disk was idle
when i am using the external hard disk on my hp laptop there have been times in which it was idle. when i am using the external hard disk on my alienware laptop it's not idle and i connect the external hard disk, transfer the files and then disconnect the external hard disk
i did some testing on the hp laptop. i did the following:- connected the external hard disk --> waited so it is idle and the light on it starts to blink --> i safely eject the external hard disk in windows and i dont immediately unplug the external hard disk ---> i unplug it after 10 minutes
i got the event id error twice at around the same time that did safe eject for the external hard disk but it doesnt happen each time i do safe eject
why is this happening? is there a problem with the external hard disk or it's a windows problem?
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2022.01.22 09:03 Adderall_User909 Is My Boyfriend Sexually Abusing Me or is it Just Rough Sex?

Graphic Sexual Content and Possible Trigger Warning: I wanted to reach out to this community because I’m (32M) currently in a relationship with a (26M). The first night I met him he forced me down on his cock, and his hands were holding me down. I couldn’t breathe for a while and started panicking. I told him I wouldn’t say I liked it, yet he’s done it many other times and wants me to train my mouth to get bigger. I’m 6’1, ave build, he’s 6’4 and was a college athlete; big build; he’s A LOT stronger than me. I like a little bit of rough play and kink every now and then, but I’m a new bottom, and he has a large thick penis and sometimes fucks me while i’m crying from pain and discomfort. I know it sounds like a fantasy to some guys, but trust, i don’t ever know when that side of him is going to come out. I’ve told him afterward that it was too much and he always says, “you tell me you wanna have sex and that you like my cock, so i don’t think i’m doing anything wrong m”… like wtf? I always tell him when he being too rough but he pins me down. he can be super sweet and gentle with me at other times. He takes me on trips and we go on hikes and have picnics, and tells me he’s gonna take care of me and hold me in his arms. I simultaneously feel safe with him, but also never know when his scary side is gonna surface. We’re long-distance and see each other about 5 days a month. The first night back together, he’s always SUPER rough with me. Biting my lips and breaking skin. Slamming me against the wall. I’ve had bruises on my body and he’s broken the skin on my asscheeks and made me bleed. I feel like it’s my fault because sometimes I let it happe, well, becausec i’m insecure and broken and want to please him. Every time I tell him he’s gone too far says “i’m overreacting” and i like being “his little slut.” i’ve never been this passive or submissive with someone. I’m scared to upset him sometimes. one time there was a lot of blood from my anus after sex, and i totally freaked out and he straight up said “i don’t know what you want me to do, it was an accident”….No empathy, I was pretty heartbroken. He also cheated on me but somehow gaslighted me by saying that i told him we were open l that i was being unfair. He’s a master at manipulation and somehow placing the blame on my self.
it’s crazy that i’ve let myself become this person who lets someone else have ownership over my body. When we were first seeing eachother I ended up giving him an STI (we weren’t exclusive yet) and he was pissed that i hid it from him for two days…. he hate-fucked me that night and hit me really hard across the head and i saw stars. He also beat my bareass until the skin broke. My ass hurt for days. Everything kinda changed after that and I started putting his wants and needs over mine. I just felt smaller, spiritually. This same person who does these things to me also cries about missing his old cat and tells me he wouldn’t have anything without me. He cries watching romcoms and is considered “nerdy” by some of his friends. He cuddles with me and tells me he loves me.
I relapsed after being sober for 4.5 years and he isn’t concerned at all. He downplays the big issues in my life.
Anyway, I don’t think sexual abuse is talked about in the gay community because many of us enjoy the physicality and intensity of having sex with other men, which can lead to letting unpleasant sexual experiences happen to us to get the other guy’s fantasy off.
One night was a big eye opener for me: Two weeks ago we went on a trip to Puerto Vallarta. We met up with some pretty small-built guy who was into getting face fucked hard. My boyfriend then proceeded to perform what I can only describe as some hardcore “consensual rape.” Such intense face fucking and ass fucking. I was kinda scared for the guy…like thought he was gonna pass out. The guy’s passiveness reminded me of myself. I talked to boyfriend later the next morning and told him i really think he went too far and it scared me, and that i wonder if he feels sad that he can’t go that hard with me. I asked him where that side of him came from, I had never seen him that animalistic, and he just said he’s into rape fantasies. I felt like it was such a dark situation that had taken place. This week, i found out the other guy posted videos all over the internet of my boyfriend fucking him - neither me or my boyfriend consented to it. I was pretty upset but my boyfriend was actually turned on. I told him it’s a really ugly memory i have and that i wants to forget that night. He still didn’t care.
You guys, i’m scared but also trapped; i’m emotionally invested in this person.
Tonight he took it too far again and i was crying and begging him to finish. I don’t even know what sensual, intimate sex is anymore. I often take drugs or meditate just so he can fuck me. I pretend i’m not in my body. I don’t know how to not be this “slut” or “faggot” he’s groomed me into. Is this some of internalized homophobia im dealing with? I thought he was straight when i first met him. Am I enabling his behavior because he’s conventionally masculine and has a lot of sex appeal? This fucking sucks. Help me understand my psychosexual woes. Any psychologists out there? It’s hard to talk about this stuff with a lot of gay men because when i mention it they literally just say how that’s “hot” and “kinky.”
Sometimes when he’s out of town, the bruises on my body last for weeks and it’s some sort of twisted reminder of having sex with this “alpha male” boyfriend who’s claimed my body for his pleasure.
Men who date/have sex with men, can you relate?! Or anyone of any gender in a type of relationship, how the fuck did this happen?
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2022.01.22 09:03 Minimum-Brilliant PSA: You are not being courteous letting the killer get a hit at the exit.

Whenever the question comes up of all 4 survivors hanging around the exit gate, some players like to claim they are being courteous by letting the killer get extra BP.
You are not. 2 hits on each survivor at the exit ain’t worth shit in terms of BP.
We know you’re just rubbing the victory in.
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2022.01.22 09:03 Willing-Clock-8884 Rajsi Verma contact for work

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2022.01.22 09:03 ChrisWang2607 I just submitted my resume for a software engineering position as an intern. I hope all goes well.

I hope all goes well
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2022.01.22 09:03 ChirpingSparrows India has 40 times NGOs (big portion of them engaged in "child activism" as many as schools.How many child rights activists have spoken on behalf of Lavanya?To those supporting foreign funding of "civil activism",do you see the danger of $ funding dictating direction of activism & "human rights"?

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2022.01.22 09:03 Most_Sprinkles_394 Pa trib naman nito

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2022.01.22 09:03 introsort [Hiring] 1Password - Senior Rust/WebAssembly Developer (1Password)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see 1Password - Senior Rust/WebAssembly Developer
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2022.01.22 09:03 paconator27 I gave myself false hope

My ex started talking to me after I told her I wasn’t doing good mentally after drinking with my friends. We’ve been broken up for 3 months and 3 weeks no contact. Last time i called her i was blocked.I called her and the call went through for some reason, she blocks and unblocks me and she agreed to meet with me. We met up, talked about ourselves and had a great time together just like old times. We eventually led to making out and had sex together. She kept complementing me on how good I looked and kept touching me since i lost 30lbs since we broke up. She agreed to meet me again Saturday morning(today). She started acting like her old self by texting me and calling me. She texted me yesterday if we’re still on for tomorrow and even FaceTimed me after I didn’t answer as I was asleep. We were on the phone for a few hrs having fun. Then at night when I contacted her to confirm for tomorrow she canceled on me for our hike and said she’ll just meet me later maybe if she doesn’t cancel on me. So me for some reason I was being a fool and thought maybe we were gonna be able to fix things but she says she doesn’t want a relationship to hold her back and said she was talking to me so I don’t do anything stupid to myself and now I’m just hoping she doesn’t cancel on me for later. I don’t even know if I should go later because I’m just gonna end up even more heart broken again.
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2022.01.22 09:03 DylanBurch I did this for /Vladmains ;) from DylanBurch on www.twitch.tv

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2022.01.22 09:03 LSR01 R.A.M. - Dancing In The Moonlight (Eiffel 65 Style Mix) (2000)

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2022.01.22 09:03 killthebutter This is my first wheel ( T300RS GT vs T248 )

I am going to buy first wheel, I understand that the T300 RS GT has better FFB and the T248 has better pedal. My concern is if the FFB is bettewortg than the "new technology" in T2n48? Since the T300 released 6 years ago
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2022.01.22 09:03 AndyMush_Actual NFT ScreenShot Origins

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2022.01.22 09:03 hypnotis3r Rejecting because of social media followers.

Hi, I am a writer who lives in Turkey. I wrote my first novel and got published in 2018. I never thought it will get published but the literature system is different here. We don’t have agents. We directly send our full novel to publishers and wait like 1 year and mostly, none of us got an answer. I was lucky tho, a sponsor liked it and paid everything for me. Impossible to connect with traditional publishers.
Then, I met a 12 year old girl that literally wrote book series, and they were very good. With perfect Turkish. I helped her a little bit about dialogues and she got published (her parents gave bunch of money to publisher).
Recently, she called me and cried. She wrote another book and one of the major publisher told her that they can’t accept it because she doesn’t have enough Instagram followers. Her book was good, and told her that they wish every book they encountered was this good. They also suggested that publising her novel in Wattpad. (To interact followers.)
I wanted to check if it is true and there are bunch of people also got rejected because of “followers”. Some editors confessed that when they received a novel, they simply check the writer’s social media and decide to give it a shot, after they quit their jobs.
Do you think this is fair? Did you encounter something like that?
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2022.01.22 09:03 BumBeKedi Kgb kötü 15 yaşında kişiler doldu subreddite (16 yaşındayım) şimdi ver bana up

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2022.01.22 09:03 Beeninya An Australian trooper rolls a cigarette for a Japanese POW captured at Sanananda, Papua New Guinea. 1943

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2022.01.22 09:03 Striking_Dingo1129 Well the bmw E36 project is done. I'ma start a new one soon

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2022.01.22 09:03 xXx_GayWalmart_xXx >us 👉👈

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2022.01.22 09:03 SnooCookies3693 lets play some park ps4 @Blompz

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2022.01.22 09:03 alle15minuten Gerade ist es January 22, 2022 at 01:03PM

Gerade ist es January 22, 2022 at 01:03PM
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2022.01.22 09:03 Urinzi Best Practice for Java Programming as a Beginner

I really want to learn Java and don't know what to do first or what os the right way of learning Java. Please help me guys! Thanks!
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2022.01.22 09:03 enrichedfunctor Anon is going to be hatecrimed

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2022.01.22 09:03 SteveSonOfJobs Does better espresso make better lattes?

Just a heads up, I'm very clueless on Lattes. I drink my coffee usually straight
I was wondering if I'd make someone a latte, is it optimal for the espresso to taste as good as it could before making the latte?
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2022.01.22 09:03 ProgrammerSafe9242 4 restaurants with robot servers in Metro Vancouver (VIDEOS)

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