erh9d tdbzi 6ssk5 k2r2z 34e6y 723hz 7radn ezthh 5b3ir tzb8i 32a6s y3ei9 4er5i 598if ebi7n 3n95k hs9ik s7a2e ankrf 2heyy k422z Former pope Benedict named in report over Church's handling of child sex abuse in Germany |

Former pope Benedict named in report over Church's handling of child sex abuse in Germany

2022.01.22 07:45 SeedlessLemons Former pope Benedict named in report over Church's handling of child sex abuse in Germany

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2022.01.22 07:45 Sudden_Chair_306 Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the INTPest of Them All?

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2022.01.22 07:45 ConstructionFit9456 🤔🤔

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2022.01.22 07:45 anon_grad420 Are there any pet adoption centers in Thiruvananthapuram that takes stray kittens?

My backyard has 4 kittens which I cannot look after. They're very tiny and cute. I wanted to know if there's any pet centre that would take them.
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2022.01.22 07:45 Kendxll04 LF Breedjects in original pokeball

H Sneasels 5iv beldum 5iv porygon
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2022.01.22 07:45 harley_j0 PlayStation support

PlayStation support and security is a fucking joke. Literally. I’ve had my account hacked multiple times now. And this last time lost access to my account so I had to reset my password but now I can’t sign in without 2fa and the 2Fa WONT EVEN WORK. So basically I have to go through account recovery and they’re NOT EVEN OPEN. And their online chat? A joke. You can’t even actually tell them the problem. You can only select the closest options to what they offer and then they just guess what’s going on and give you automated responses to choose from?? Seriously? A fucking JOKE.
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2022.01.22 07:45 NDCrypto11 Bitcoin is dropping like a rock.. 🪨 What I'm looking to DCA on the way down.. 🎥 Not Financial Advice.

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2022.01.22 07:45 ghuika Can't get iPhone to forget my watch

My phone broke and was out of commission for a couple days. Since we all know that the most important thing about exercise is that it's synced, I used my boyfriend's iPhone to sync my watch.
We both have a forerunner 45. What we did is that he signed out of Garmin connect on his iphone, I signed in and we paired my watch to his iphone and synced, then I signed out and we hoped that this will work. It doesn't. We have two issues:

  1. Right now at random times my watch and his iPhone just want to pair. This is after that we removed all watches from both phones bluetooth devices, we removed all watches from Garmin Connect and readded the correct ones to the correct accounts (somehow his watch also ended up in my account).
  2. Ever since we did the switch, for the last 3 days, he lost heart rate and step data - his Garmin connect just doesn't have anything for these days, even though the watch has it. Even after removing and readding and syncing, it doesn't show up. Google seems to think that it might be bc his watch was maybe also in my account - but in my account I also can't find this data.
Do you have any idea of what kind of mess happened and how to fix it?
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2022.01.22 07:45 Papertowelmaster_69 It sometimes ruins the map (for me at least)

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2022.01.22 07:45 Miteiro Apoiadora do golpe e da direita, Folha agora é identitária

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2022.01.22 07:45 deepcx If someone asked you out when they had clear skin, but when you would go out with them, they would have this really bad acne breakout. What are going to do?

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2022.01.22 07:45 Morticiar What took you an embarrassing amount of time to figure out?

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2022.01.22 07:45 Lilcutta LFP/UK/PS4 DIV1 club looking for quality players active now. Psn : B1DDINH0

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2022.01.22 07:45 IncidentIndividual47 Money owed from failed vehicle purchase

I had a written agreement with a trader from auto trader to buy a vehicle last year that fell through. He took an annoyingly long amount of time to give me most of the money back but has now disappeared while still owing me £500. I've been reluctant up until now to escalate as he was making an effort to repay me even if it was taking longer than I would have liked and I didn't see the point in making the situation more costly for either of us.
I've got to a point now though where I've had enough of chasing the guy down, I'd just like to get it off my plate and I'm unsure what my options are. I don't expect the police to have any interest in it and I don't think trading standards would be applicable as he isn't "trading" any more anyway. I'm not really in a position to pay solicitors fees either so I'm hopeful there are some other options I don't know about yet
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2022.01.22 07:45 LostWanderer_x Test

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2022.01.22 07:45 Fruits- Is it me?

So I've really been suffering with my mental health the last couple of years and took a few weeks off work to rest. I work with my partner of 3 years in the same work place. Today I called in sick because my anxiety has been at an all time high and I just can't face work. This morning I told him that I called in sick to work and how my minds not well again....he was more concerned that our boss will be mad vecauze too many people are off sick and when I broke down to him he just sat and looked at me. No comfort at all. Am I reading too much into this? Should I just suck it up and carry on? I feel so low and like I have no one. Whenever I get upset he just says "what are crying for". I feel alone
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2022.01.22 07:45 Rozu143 I started drawing Giga Monty, and I was wondering if I should complete him, so where better to ask?

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2022.01.22 07:45 Mission-Tie1598 Train be rollin

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2022.01.22 07:45 AsphaltApostle Walletry (By Adel Bassiony | Finance)

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2022.01.22 07:45 Siomas420 Monese 50€ promo

Use my ref link to register: MY REF LINK
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Use my promo code SUMIT083 when registering so you get the ref bonus, after registration you will need to make a small transaction, you can buy something at your local store for 1€/£ or less and after that you will receive a bonus 20€/£ ;)
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DONT FORGET TO USE CODE: SUMIT083 if asked so you get the referral bonus. <3
There is also a 25€/£ bonus for spending 500€ but it is not necessary.
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2022.01.22 07:45 Old_Truth6995 Harley Quinn cosplay Halloween Day 5 recap ft. Danii Banks and Amanda Nicole

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2022.01.22 07:45 Boon_Rebu Kabosu greeting you this morning with her wonderful smile.

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2022.01.22 07:45 -statusquo- Trying to understand the video stack

So I just installed fedora 35 and loving it so far. Tho there is one thing I dont understand.
Everytime I install a new distro there seems to be a requirement that one installs gstreamer, ffmpeg and perhaps a gpu driver. How come the distro doesn't ship these, I would say mandatory extras?
Right now these terms are just words in my head, I don't really understand how they interact with eachother or how the stack, if you will works.
I humbly ask for any pointers or explanation, if possible with visual elements.
Thank you for your time and take care
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2022.01.22 07:45 savajerry1 3D Technical Visualization Library for Blender with Python Scripting
I do quite a few 6 degree of freedom dynamic simulations for university studies and projects and I wanted a good way to visualize them other than just graphs. As such, I have created a Python package for Blender that can read in translational and rotational data and animate an object in Blender. I have implemented a few additional features such as streamlines and dynamic vectors as well. I am still actively developing it, so any feedback/comments would be appreciated!
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2022.01.22 07:45 koworo Looking for Euro cylinder tips

I've opened a couple of green belt locks and have actually had one euro cylinder open after a loooong time at it but I recently won a job lot of 16 locks on ebay and seem to have hit a brick wall. From what I've read it's worth avoiding any Yale ones at my current skill level, but the problem I'm having is the size of the keyway. Usually with padlocks I can leverage my pick off the bottom of the lock or in the case of the 80ti, a ledge in the warding. With the euros, the keyway is too "tall" to do this and I'm struggling.
So basically, if anyone has any general tips for euros that'd be amazing. Anything from type of pick to technique would be super helpful.
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